Goddess Lindsey - You Can’t Stroke Away Your Addiction, You’re So Fucked (1280 x 720p 756.71 Mb)

You Can’t Stroke Away Your Addiction, You’re So Fucked

This isn’t your first femdom clip, you’re not a first timer, you are an experienced little addict. You have been here so many times before, stroking so hopelessly. Anxiously trying to beat out your frustrations, your desires for women that don’t want you. You know you’ll never be with a woman like me. No matter how hard you beat your dick, you’re always going to be a loser. You can’t stroke away the loser in you. You can’t stroke away being such a worthless stroking addict. It’s too late. You’re too deep in. And you’re experienced enough in this to know that there’s no escape.It makes you feel even more worthless that there’s nothing you can do to escape this addiction. There’s no where you can run. Nothing you can do to change that. You’re fucked. This will be with you for the rest of your life. It’s been embedded in your brain. You’re trapped inside of your own mind. And you realized this a long time ago and it’s only been downhill ever since. And what do you think will change that? Nothing. There is nothing that can make this addiction go away, nothing that can change the fact that you’re a chronic masturbating loser.There’s only one source of temporary relief and that’s where you are right now, stroking and spending. Admit it, admit you’re suffering, admit you’re fucked. You’re experienced enough to know just how fucked you are for the rest of your life. How ruined and addicted you are. You will wake up and spend every day of your existence, all for bratty girls that will never want you. Your cock throbs for it. You forget all about that suffering when you’re just pounding your cock.Pound yourself harder. There’s no escape. You just sit here neglected, addicted and aching as you jerk. You’re trapped for me, trapped in your mind. It’s never going to change. You know that. You know you’re fucked. You’re not some little newbie who’s come along and is just stroking to a clip or two, who gets so into it, and doesn’t realize as he’s going to bed that night that his entire life is about to change. You are so far past that. You know there is no hope for you. You can’t go back and you don’t want to. And although you know you’re fucked and your life is ruined, you know your life before this wasn’t any better. You were lost and at least now you’ve found where you belong.Your life will never get any better than this. Not for losers like you. Not for my experienced little addict. Now stare at the ass that you’ll never have. The ass that fuels all of your addictions. My ass gives you purpose. Stare right at it and stroke for me, my experienced little addict. You don’t deserve my ass. You know it. That’s why you stroke to it so much. You’re going to be a femdom addict for the rest of your life. And you know it’s true. We both do. That’s why it’s so easy for me to manipulate you. I want you to cum for my ass. It’s the only good thing you have in your life, your orgasm. This is where you belong, on your knees, jerking and cumming to this perfect ass like the addict that you are. How long until you’ll want it again? Until you’re horny and stroking to your addiction again. It’s all you fucking do. It’s all you have for the rest of your stupid life.MP4 * 757 MB * 00:10:10 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Goddess Lindsey - You Can’t Stroke Away Your Addiction, You’re So Fucked (1280 x 720p 756.71 Mb)