Bratty Lindsay - Denying You While I Break Your Brain With My Hot Young Body (1280 x 720p 975.73 Mb)

Denying You While I Break Your Brain With My Hot Young Body

I know how much you love to be teased and denied. You want to cum but also you don’t want to cum. You just love the feeling of being on the edge of that intense orgasm. Why don’t I take you there? I’ll take you there, to the edge, but you’ll never hit it. I know how much you love the denial. Because you know you don’t deserve to cum, you just deserve to be teased and denied. And you love being teased by my hot young bratty body and voice while you stroke your cock.So stroke your dick for my perfect body. Stroke it just for me. I know how infatuated you are with me. You’ll do anything I say just as long as I’m teasing you with my perfect ass. You get so stupid. You love being teased and edged, knowing the whole time that I’m going to deny you. Keep stroking it to my perfect ass. It feels so good to stroke that cock to my perfect, tight young body.Keep edging loser. Stroke that cock. I want you to stare in my eyes and stroke that cock so you can feel me. Feel it getting harder in your hand. Now I want you to stop stroking, let it throb in the air as I continue to tease you with my hot body. Feel it pulsating. It wants to be touched so badly. It’s begging you to touch it, isn’t it? You love this feeling, don’t you? Keep staring, keep twitching. Now jerk it again. Good boy. You’re such a good boy for me, aren’t you? You obey my every command because you know it’s right. You will always stroke your cock to me, no matter how much you try to fight it, you can’t stop. You just can’t resist my hot young body.I know you can’t resist this ass. I know it makes you so horny. Now stop stroking again. I want you to focus on how hard your cock is throbbing right now. I want you to truly feel what I do to you. You want to touch it but you know you have to obey me. Resist the urge to stroke to my ass. I know how badly you want it. I know you want to cum but the denial just feels so good. Now stroke it again.There will be no cumming for you because that just brings you pleasure, what does that do for me? Nothing. Your denial, that’s what turns me on. I want to deny you. You don’t deserve to feel the pleasure of an orgasm, do you understand? Just keep stroking and worshiping my body. It just feels so good to stroke and stroke and stroke. You can stroke all you want but you’re not going to cum. No matter how badly you want to, I’m going to keep denying you over and over again. It makes you feel so weak. It breaks your weak fucking brain. It’s what pathetic losers like you deserve. You don’t need to cum, you want to cum and I am not going to give you that privilege. And now I want you to stop. Good boy. Now if you want to touch it again, watch this clip again from the beginning.MP4 * 976 MB * 00:13:14 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Bratty Lindsay - Denying You While I Break Your Brain With My Hot Young Body (1280 x 720p 975.73 Mb)