Princess Miki - Mind Melting Body Worship (1920 x 1080p 976.51 Mb)

Mind Melting Body Worship

** Note: Like many of My mesmerizing clips, this file utilizes binaural beats to take you into a deeply erotic trance. Watch this in a dark room with headphones to allow My voice and body to carry you into another dimension of worship and obsession. **A thorough explanation isn’t really necessary for this clip; if you are already a devoted puppet, the preview itself urges, “you need this.”It was easy to condition you to think this way, to become so obsessed with worshipping Me and devoting yourself to Me. I’ve reprogrammed you — swiftly and efficiently — through your horny cock. I seduced you into a state of mental vulnerability. This clip will do just that, pulling you deeper and deeper into the erotic web I wove for you.You will worship every single inch of My beautiful, feminine body, as the images on the screen become increasingly erotic. My body will become shinier and shinier as I glaze Myself with oil, and your cock will throb uncontrollably as your eyes are glued to your screen. The view is so tantalizing, so delicious, you won’t know how to think.Every single word that leaves My lips will embed themselves in your mind while you are distracted by the irresistible image of Me.You want to become My puppet. You need to become weaker for Me. You crave the complete takeover of your mind by Me and My body.It’s game over, and that inevitable fate turns you on.MP4 * 977 MB * 00:13:16 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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