Mistress - A Number To A Mean Bitch (1280 x 720p 176.48 Mb)

A Number To A Mean Bitch

Even as a self-proclaimed loser, paypig, slave or just sub (you know the ones who cannot face what they really are), you still crave attention. Some sort of recognition for the huge financial sacrifices you make and work you do for me. Yet, however hard you work for me or however much you send, you will always just be a number to me.Your hard earned money just tops up my bank account by fractions. Your hard earned money is just a new cell on the impossibly large spreadsheet that records my income. You mean nothing to me. And that is why you pay me. You are addicted to the true humiliation of paying me for absolutely nothing. Seeing a young, undeserving mean bitch get richer, whilst hard working, deserving men get poorer. There are millions of you participating in this cruel irony. Even if you found the strength to stop paying me, there are countless other pay-bots ensuring I get richer and richer. So accept it. Enjoy it. Spend your life jerking off to it. Because it will never change.MP4 * 176 MB * 00:07:23 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Mistress - A Number To A Mean Bitch (1280 x 720p 176.48 Mb)