Goddess Venus - Vday Loser Humiliation and Cuckolding (1920 x 1080p 526.89 Mb)

Vday Loser Humiliation and Cuckolding

Let me tell you all about my Valentine’s date with my boyfriend. He’s taking me to dinner and then we’re going home together. **** and maybe a bubble bath. Then he’s going to take my clothes off. Look at this sexy lingerie I’m wearing just for him. He loves when I dress up for him. I only dress up for a real man. And my boyfriend deserves it. He’s so good to me, and we’re so in love. He’d do anything for me….and I’d do anything for him. I love him, and I love his cock. Have you ever had a woman dress up for you? Of course not. Of course you haven’t. You’re a loser. No one dress up for losers. Ew. NOPE! You’re a fucking loser. Lol. You can only dream of me. I want you to imagine us on our date. How happy we are. So in love. And then I want you to imagine us going home together. Are you sad? Huh? Does it make you sad hearing about this? Are you all alone for Valentine’s Day. Are you going to cry? At least you have me. I mean it’s only a video….and I don’t even know you exist, but……it’s the closest you’ll get to a woman. This is your sex life. At home, stroking to your loneliness. Kiss kiss. You know these kisses aren’t for you. I’d never kiss you. You’re nothing. You’re no one. I look so hot in this lingerie, right? I’m about to put on a dress and head out for my date. Poor little loser. All alone. At least you have a date with my videos. You can’t get enough of them can you? I honestly feel so bad for you….so since it’s Valentine’s Day I’m going to kiss you. Mwuah. Mwuah. Mwuah. Bahahahahaahhaha. What a loser. You’re just kissing the screen!!!! Hahahahaha. So pathetic!!! Anyways. Got to go. Off to my hot date. MP4 * 527 MB * 00:10:33 * 1920x1080, Jerk off me Watch Online

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Goddess Venus - Vday Loser Humiliation and Cuckolding (1920 x 1080p 526.89 Mb)