Jamie Valentine - Addicted To Stink (1920 x 1080p 242.11 Mb)

Addicted To Stink

I see you constantly staring at my feet when I get back from the gym. You’re always encouraging me to do yoga afterwards and take my shoes off to stretch my toes as well. Come on just admit it. I know you have a foot thing don’t you? You can tell me the truth I won’t judge. See isn’t that easy? Telling the truth is the best thing you can do but I can tell your still hiding something…I know it’s not just my feet. It’s when they’re smelly after the gym .. thats really the only time you pay attention to them. Now I understand your fetish completely and for being so honest I’ll reward you. First I’ll tease you with my moist stinky sneakers. Put your nose deep inside them and inhale. Immediately your cock gets hard, I wonder what will happen if I put my dirty soles up against your face. Your ready to start stroking for me … faster and faster, I can tell. So look I’ll let you stroke and even cum but I have a secret to tell you now. I also have a weird fetish also.. I love watching guys lick up their own cum. So how about I let you cum all over my soles but only if you lick it up. Don’t act all grossed out though I didn’t judge you.. Now get ready and stick your tongue out.. I promise you’ll love it once you try it.MP4 * 242 MB * 00:03:58 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

Fetish Hardcore POV Femdom

Jamie Valentine - Addicted To Stink (1920 x 1080p 242.11 Mb)