Jessies - Cum For Jessies Feet (1280 x 720p 216.02 Mb)

Cum For Jessies Feet

You are in too deep, you pay, wank and pay some more, you wank some more until you cum. You explode and you are full of regret, you feel bad and swear to yourself that was the last time, it will never happen again. You try your hardest to forget it all, to move on, to go back to normal living. You try to seduce yourself with normal porn but before you know it, your back, stroking to Femdom, aching to be humiliated and desperate to spend. You cannot control the urge, you know what makes your dick throb and you want to embrace it. You cant resist me, the power I have is just far too strong. I lure you in once again and your back at square one. You are at your computer, pants down, mouth wide open and your reaching for your wallet. You want to feel that feeling when you spend on me, seeing me get richer and richer from you makes you uncontrollably horny. You know you have no chance with me so the only way to satisfy me is with your ca$h. Knowing that my luxurious lifestyle is funded by my many pigs just makes you want to pay all you have. I deserve grand houses, exotic holidays, expensive items and lots of champagne. You know I toy with your head and emotions, you know you are back deep within but you love it and there is no feeling like it.MP4 * 216 MB * 00:07:20 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

Fetish Hardcore British POV Femdom

Jessies - Cum For Jessies Feet (1280 x 720p 216.02 Mb)

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