Mistress - Credit Card Fun (1280 x 720p 263.59 Mb)

Credit Card Fun

My greed for cash increases daily, this is why you constantly strive to fulfill my urge for money. I spend quicker than ever and my wants are through the roof with expensive, luxury items added daily. You know this is what I deserve so you will go to any length to ensure I am kept and funded extremely well.Admit it, I make your dick twitch and your bank balance empty. I trigger all your submissive urges to splurge ALL your cash, it's never ending but I deserve it ALL. I wont stop, I am never satisfied, it is never enough. I want you to push yourself for me, I want you to show me how good it makes you feel to spend on me. I want you to apply for credit card after credit card, after credit card.I DO NOT want you to stop. I want you to apply for credit until you are refused. I want you to experience that gutting feeling, the possibility of not having my attention. Knowing you need to find new ways to get your hand on cash and quick,just to please me.MP4 * 264 MB * 00:08:27 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

Fetish British Femdom

Mistress - Credit Card Fun (1280 x 720p 263.59 Mb)