Macy Cartel - Cum for My Sweaty Socks (3840 x 2160p 2.43 Gb)

Cum for My Sweaty Socks

Macy and I just got back from a workout. We were sweating profusely for an entire two hours! She's feeling horny and generous and decides to give you a little show. She slowly pulls off her training shoes and reveals her sweaty, stinky, sheer, black socks. She teases you by wiggling her toes around and tells you to pull your dick out and start stroking it. She knows how much the fragrances coming off her socks turn you on, and she's enjoying every moment of the attention. She's very sexy and verbal, instructing you slowly to touch yourself and enjoying her feet. She flexes her feet just perfectly so you can see her toes through the fabric. You imagine how much more potent the smell is between them. You can smell the sweat from where you're sitting and you know it only gets better as you inch closer to her beautiful sock-covered soles. Macy's instructions are flawless and you stay rock-hard for her perfection. You listen to her every command, stroking it just as she says, as she's a goddess who must be obeyed. After many minutes of pleasure, she allows you to climax for her beautiful and stinky, sock-encased feet. She counts you down from ten as sensually and perfect as you imagined and you blow your load all over her socks.MP4 * 2.43 GB * 00:10:44 * 3840x2160 Jerk off me Watch Online

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