Madam Violet - Thirty Day Deep Dive (1280 x 720p 251.38 Mb)

Thirty Day Deep Dive

You want to go deeper into this obsession you have with Me, deeper into those delicious feelings. I know you have this endless desire to be enslaved to Me, to be utterly taken over by Me. This soft, gently and persuasive file will provide you with a pilgrimage of sorts, a journey of thirty days the of which you will be at My feet once again, changed man, a changed brain… This pilgrimage will begin with five ruined orgasms, the result of which of course you will eat, you will need your sustenance for the next 29 days slave! Stroke your cock right now, I’m going to help you ruin the first two as I explain exactly what I expect of you and mesmerise you into complete obedience and compliance. I want you to orgasm for Me on your knees every day for 29 days. Every orgasm will take you deeper, every one changing the shape of your brain, it takes 30 days to create a habit, but with how deeper you are already after 29 days of consecutive Madam Violet sanctioned orgasms you will be bonded o Me for LIFE. I count you down into a ruined orgasm and encourage you to eat up. …good boy…Start stroking again straight away, one more to go, then three more on your own. Soon you will pause this file, ruin THREE more orgasms and then for the next 29 days you will cum for Me. On the 30th day you will crawl before Me, kneel, strip stroke and I will bestow you with the 30th orgasm, your final step of your most holy pilgrimage. The transformation will be so deep, so real…and as you CUM for Me…don’t think you can relax, the next 30 days start now slave! Contains: mesmerise, mindfuck, cock control, mental domination, sensual domination, shiny fetish, tit worship, ass worship, Goddess worship, JOI games, ruined orgasm, CEI, men following orders,MP4 * 251 MB * 00:27:52 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Madam Violet - Thirty Day Deep Dive (1280 x 720p 251.38 Mb)