Charlotte Stokely - Welcome Back Dum Dum (1920 x 1080p 233.24 Mb)

Welcome Back Dum Dum

I didn't put you in chastity to prevent you from cheating on me. It put you in chastity to I want you to feel like less of a man. Locking you up is just an amusing wat to domesticate you. When you realize that you have to ask me and my boyfriend to touch that cock, you will learn to give up all your free will.I laid out a new maid uniform for you. It's pink with a locking corset. It matches your pink chastity tube! You had better do a good job of begging me to lock you in that dress because if you don't we will send you packing. And you better be convincing, considering all you have in your suitcase is cheap lingerie and stripper heels! Haha! It's was so funny that he made you burn all your boy clothes and ID and Passport. Actually, I begged him to do that to you. I begged him when I was sucking his cock and fingered myself. I got so wet as I begged him to completely destroy you and any hope of being a man again. It's like the ultimate fuckover!MP4 * 233 MB * 00:07:27 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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