Miss Roper, Nika Venom - Stroke For Superior Soles (1920 x 1080p 762.59 Mb)

Stroke For Superior Soles

This is one of the hottest jerk off instructional's for foot fiends I've Released yet....A blonde, and a brunette; a cocktail for trouble and tease. Myself and Nika Venom spreading our superior soles out in front of you, a sight that would have any man on his knees. Desperate to kiss our wiggling toes and scrunched wrinkles. We're going to let you stroke for our feet fiend, but on our terms. If you cum before we provide a countdown, you will be coerced to lick up every last drop of your sexual frustration clean. Hope your seed isn't sour for the sake of your taste buds and that you can hold back as we command you to pump and edge your dick raw for the most beautiful, ruthless pairs of feet your eyes have ever set upon. We would love to use you as a foot stool, perhaps just fill your mouth up to the brim and gag you. We know you fantasize about a foot job, but I? I fantasize about pressing my heel into your swollen sack. Such a thrill and sensation, a wild ride in being both aroused and terrified...Actual description: Nika wearing a white top and denim shorts, Raquel wearing a pink bra and yoga shorts, on a black counch with their feet up on ottoman. They show off their soles for a bit over 10 minutes, with a fair bit of humiliation involved before ending with a cum countdown.MP4 * 763 MB * 00:10:43 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

Fetish Blonde Brunette POV Femdom

Miss Roper, Nika Venom - Stroke For Superior Soles (1920 x 1080p 762.59 Mb)