Obey Lady Ashley - Precious Christmas (1920 x 1080p 615.97 Mb)

Precious Christmas

Stroke, squeeze and tease your way to having the best, most special, most precious Christmas Day ever! You’re going to partake in a naughty day of edging, sneaking away from the festivities to get in.tox.i.cated on arousal. And I’m going to help! You just need some encouragement to get that cock nice and big and hard. Watch as I sensually tease you with my hourglass curves in a festive Christmas colored outfit of green velvet, white satin and red nylons. After a few minutes you’ll be able to rejoin the holiday events. Or stay stroking for me. But don’t cum! You’re going to have the most Precious Christmas ever!Designed for you to come and go, this clip is to be used all day long. At every spare moment, you’re going to crave coming back for more instructions and teasing. Loop the clip as many times as you need. You’re going to have the most Precious Christmas ever! But that’s only going to happen if you stay horny for me!MP4 * 616 MB * 00:19:55 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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