Andrea Untamed - Punishment by Feet (1920 x 1080p 174.32 Mb)

Punishment by Feet

Do you remember your last punishment? Stroke after stroke with my cane. It was an intense caning and you were left with many stripes on your bottom. I will never forget you telling me that you learned your lesson. Well look where you are at right now. In trouble again. I could give you another caning but apparently pain does not effect you much. So, I figured I will humiliate you as I know you do not have a foot fetish. You will endure my feet until I feel your punishment is fulfilled. I will first make you experience my stocking covered feet. You will inhale my aroma as I instruct you to. The humiliation does not end there. My stockings come off for you to encounter my bare soles. Maximizing your punishment to no end for a boy that is not into feet. Let me not forget your tiny is so small and pathetic. Amuse me and jerk your tiny little pecker all the while I deny you at the end.MP4 * 174 MB * 00:11:10 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

Fetish POV Femdom

Andrea Untamed - Punishment by Feet (1920 x 1080p 174.32 Mb)