Goddess Bella Park - Jerk To Your Latest Relapse (1280 x 720p 741.97 Mb)

Jerk To Your Latest Relapse

Look you’re back again for another jerk session. Every day without fail, you come to stroke that cock to bratty girls. Every day it’s a constant reminder that you have no control over that cock. Once you get horny, you have to stroke it, and you’re always horny, aren’t you? You can’t even go one day without jerking off. No, it totally consumes you. It’s all that you want to do. You look forward to it all day, even while you’re at work. You have a problem, an addiction and it’s not going away, is it?You can’t deny that these thoughts totally consume your mind and stop you from doing what’s really important. Just ignoring your priorities so you can put on your porn and jerk that cock. It feels so much better than sex that you’ve stopped having sex altogether. You don’t want sex, you don’t get sex, this is all that you get. This is all that you have in that lonely life, porn and jerking off to girls that don’t even know you.You need that cock in your hands every day, jerking just to calm your mind. Face it, even if you tried to quit, you wouldn’t be able to. You’ve tried before, haven’t you? But what happened? You fail every single time, don’t you? Those urges are too strong and they always come back. You fail at controlling your cock and your urges. And once you fail, you re-lapse. Every time you end up re-lapsing. You’re just a chronic masturbator that can’t stop jerking that cock.You know that every time you try and quit you just feel frustrated every single day until you re-lapse again. And this just fucks you in the head. Soon you find that you’re jerking off to your re-lapses. You’re so fucked up that you sexualize your failures. You bought this clip because you wanted to jerk off to your re-lapse. This urge will never go away. You know your re-lapse is inevitable, especially when you’re a chronic masturbator. Especially when you know you have no control over that dick.You’re an addict and all you want to do is binge watch clips and jerk that dick all night long to the fact that you know you can never quit this. You jerk to the fact that you know you’re fucked. You’ve re-lapsed so many times. You’re stuck in an unending re-lapse cycle. Why do you even try to quit any more? I think it’s just so you can come back and have it effect you even more than the last time. I mean what is the point of trying to quit when you know that you can’t? Every time you’re away you go through withdrawal, you can’t think straight. You’re always horny. You feel so lost and empty without it. There is no point in trying to stop this any more. You can’t quit this addiction that you have, that insatiable urge to stroke.You just need to realize that you’re a chronic masturbator. You can’t take your hand off of your cock. You were made to be a jerk junkie. You have no self control. This is what you are. You need to embrace who you are. Just indulge in what you love. Instead of resisting, you should just dive deeper into your porn addiction. Dive deeper and feel that rush and chase it. You’re nothing but a chronic masturbator. This is what you live for. You know there’s no way out, not for you, it just leads you to a re-lapse. Don’t fight it. You want to indulge. So just indulge more. Quitting won’t help you. Re-lapsing only makes it worse. So jerk it until there’s nothing left inside of you.MP4 * 742 MB * 00:10:02 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Goddess Bella Park - Jerk To Your Latest Relapse (1280 x 720p 741.97 Mb)