Princess Miki - Sissy by Destiny (1920 x 1080p 832.45 Mb)

Sissy by Destiny

It’s not your fault that you’re a sissy — it wasn’t a choice, really. It’s something you had to become to survive because of your unfortunate biological situation.You were born male, yes, but it became impossible to identify as one. The “penis” in between your legs hardly resembles one at all, so it’s better to acknowledge it as an oversized clit. You know you can’t satisfy anyone through penetration — especially someone like Me who is deserving of so much more than penetration by a clitty.You don’t lust after Me. You look at Me in this pretty, pink little outfit and you wish you could be as pretty as I am. So you try and try, and I encourage you to keep trying. You’re not jealous of the men who are deserving of fucking Me. You look to Me as inspiration.Being a pretty little sissy is possible; being a real man is not.You ditched jealousy and self pity to dedicate yourself to the craft of sissificaiton. It’s better this way, to aspire to be a cocksucking whore than a pathetic excuse for a man.The genetic disaster that you are hasn’t stopped you from living your best life. You want to be used by hung, Alpha bulls because you want to be sexually useful. Being a sissy is your calling. You were resourceful with what you were born with.So keep practicing, keep making yourself prettier every day. You want to be the best sissy you can be, because you know you can’t be anything else.MP4 * 832 MB * 00:11:19 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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