Princess Ellie Idol - Hired by your wife (1280 x 720p 164.37 Mb)

Hired by your wife

You wake up next to a beautiful woman, confused. Your wife has hired me. No, not for sex, silly. She’s hired me to take you out. You don’t fuck her anymore. You don’t appreciate her. What’s the point of living with you anymore? You are holding her back from getting any form of affection. With you gone, she can find true love. You’re more interested in wanking off to porn! Duh! She knows you, and she knows your type. She knows what gets you aroused. Hence, why she hired ME. See, she is already done her half of the job…giving you the drug to k!11 you. She slipped it into your dinner, and you were too dumb to notice. Here’s where I come in… The drug only works if you orgasm within 3 days of ingestion. I already am giving you a raging hard on, in my black lingerie. You have a choice. Resist and live….or fuck me, d1e. I already know the answer…I’m gonna ride the life out of you.MP4 * 164 MB * 00:09:49 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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