Madam Violet - High Alert! (1280 x 720p 282.9 Mb)

High Alert!

BREAKING! Reports of a mysterious affliction spreading rapidly across the globe, you watch her almost mesmerised as she lists the symptoms that you can expect “Well Victoria it is VERY severe I’m getting reports of LETHARGY a deep sense of RELAXATION, heavy limbs…FORGETFULNESS a distortion of time and space and perhaps he most disturbing symptom is the loss of control, people are becoming almost ZOMBIE like Victoria, yes it is affecting EVERYONE, there is NO cure and by the time you are infected you don’t realise and it’s too late”. As she continues to list the symptoms, you start to notice them taking over your body, so relaxed, so engrossed in her, When it cuts to a break She speaks on the phone, she SNAPS her fingers…It’s really hard to cncentrate now, what was she saying about feeling forgetful….? When SHE climbs onto the desk and tells you to get you cock out and stroke you OBEY It feels natural. All men, across the nation, all of them on their knees stroking their cock, mesmerised, as their partners watch on, also mesmerised. YOU are all under HER control now, you will OBEY now, you have all been recruited as HER servants, to join HER religion, to create HER army so SHE can set the world to rights. You MUST consume the sacrament, you must OBEY, you must stroke and CUM, CUM into your mouth, eat the holy sacrament, you are OBEDIENT, you are a mindless zombie, GODDESS VIOLET is the only thing that makes sense, it feels perfect to STROKE and EAT your CUM for HER…you have no choice, the THOUSANDS watching have no choice… She wakes you all up with NO memory, but obedient zombies done need to remember, they just need to OBEY!MP4 * 283 MB * 00:30:11 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

Hardcore Femdom

Madam Violet - High Alert! (1280 x 720p 282.9 Mb)