Princess Miki - Pervert Goon Trance (1920 x 1080p 877.72 Mb)

Pervert Goon Trance

* NOTE: Be prepared to spend quite a few hours with Me, pervert, as this file will send you into a deep goon trance that you won’t want to leave. Turn off the lights, shut off your brain, and listen to My seductive voice with your favorite headphones. You will want to be attentive for this one, as My words will leave you in a blissful spiral for a while. **You’re a sick, horny little pervert, and that’s why you’re destined to be My puppet. You are so easily turned on by My sexy little body in tiny little outfits like this. As your cock gets harder, your brain becomes softer, which allows Me to fiddle with your thoughts to My liking.Being a sick little pervert doomed you to a life of weakness and vulnerability. Worse yet (for you) is that you are so turned on by the fact that you’re weak and stupid: it only makes you want to go deeper for Me.You want to edge, pump, jerk, and goon all night, despite the consequences. The consequences make you horny, which only makes you more susceptible to My takeover.I won you because you’re a pervert who can’t say no to a hot girl like Me. Controlling you is so very easy for Me, and you love being My easy little puppet.Now, goon away, sicko.MP4 * 878 MB * 00:11:57 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Princess Miki - Pervert Goon Trance (1920 x 1080p 877.72 Mb)