Princess Miki - Tricked Into Sniffing at Therapy (1920 x 1080p 1.31 Gb)

Tricked Into Sniffing at Therapy

You’ve come in for your first ther apy session, gathering enough bravery to speak to a ther apist about your insecurities — particularly your inability to date and form romantic connections with women. You also have quite a bit of trauma from being bullied by girls during your formative years. You’re still hesitant to speak to a complete stranger about the topics that make you feel so very vulnerable, but you’re determined to make the first step towards repairing your self esteem.I’m kind at first. My tone is gentle, and I assure you that it’s more than normal to be nervous about opening up. I encourage you to relax, keeping in mind that My only job is to listen and to help, and that there will be no judgment coming from My end.I then pull out a small brown vile, and suggest that some aroma ther apy may help you relax. You’re skeptical, but you agree to take deep inhales out of the little bottle I hold up to your nose.You are actually sniffing from a bottle of pop p ers — not calming essential oils by any means. You are dizzy, stupid, and aroused, as you acknowledge that the woman who calls herself a thera pist in front of you is exceptionally attractive.I begin to ask you questions about your adolescence, and about how the girls treated you back then. I start to tease you about the things you are describing — the cruelty you endured — but your cock can’t stop throbbing. I start teasing you with My beautiful body and long, stockinged legs, and encourage you to take your cock out and begin masturbating.You can’t resist. I then begin taunting you with My cruel words, and demand that you stroke to your sad, sexless, pathetic life. I call you a loser and tell you to sniff some more, and you can’t help but to become more and more aroused. I start to strip. By this point, it’s game over for you.I tell you that the only way to get rid of your insecurities is to become addicted to masturbating, specifically to your shame and embarrassment. It’s for the best, I tell you, because it will keep you from finding false bravery and courage to ask out — and inevitably bother — the women who will reject you anyway.It will turn into your sex life, the only kind of sex life you deserve. You’ll become addicted to humiliation and to My form of “ther apy.” There is no cure for your sad life, but this is how you will cope with the inescapable fate of being a sexless loser forever.After I’m done with you, I tell you to zip up your pants and go to the front desk to schedule another session for next week. Of course, you’re happy to. You’re already addicted to this feeling, and you never want to ask another woman out again.MP4 * 1.31 GB * 00:18:16 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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