Princess Miki - Your Little Alpha Costume (1920 x 1080p 639.58 Mb)

Your Little Alpha Costume

You’re self aware enough to know that you’re not a real alpha, right? Regardless of what anyone else thinks, or what you convinced them of, you and I both know who you really are.You’re a weak and pliable little bitch, easily manipulated by pretty girls and beautiful women. You love being My little bitch, and you certainly aren’t ashamed to be who you are in front of Me. Yet, you hide your true identity from the rest of the world. You lie to everyone you meet, simply by acting in ways that aren’t true to your default, submissive state.Don’t you worry: I’m not going to punish you or taunt you for this — in fact, I am going to applaud you. You have successfully convinced everyone you know that you are somewhat of an Alpha. You managed to find success in your career, and you have decorated your exterior shell in such a way that disguises the weak, soft core that exists beneath it.Your deception allows you to make money in order to please Me, to serve Me, and that’s why I encourage you to keep up this little act of yours. The costume is working, which allows you to work for Me.Keep it up, perfect it, and always return to Me in your true form, stripped of that ridiculous costume you meticulously put together.You may have fooled everyone else, but you will never fool Me.MP4 * 640 MB * 00:08:40 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Princess Miki - Your Little Alpha Costume (1920 x 1080p 639.58 Mb)