Madam Violet - Pervert Loser For Life (1280 x 720p 308.97 Mb)

Pervert Loser For Life

"I knew you'd be back, You try to hide from Me, from yourself. From IT. That perverted part of you, But here you are back again at My feet, naked and kneeling begging to hump the floor like the loser you are. PERVERT is stamped through your very core like a stick of rock. Jerk yourself into a stupor. It’s the only thing you’re good at. After making you ask for it I give you permission to hump the floor and make you ask for permission to taste your pre-cum. Tastes GOOOOOD yes? It’s not pre-cum though is it? It’s your dignity, your self respect, all of it leaking out the end of your cock. And I know how badly you want to see more of these perfect breasts…but don't be ridiculous! The sheer act of you looking at My naked breasts would taint them… On a related note, NO you cannot cum, only real men get to cum, but you will ruin your orgasm, naked on your hands on knees. Letting it dribble away, as pathetic and pointless as you are…Now lick that mess up and thank Me for the privilege!"MP4 * 309 MB * 00:19:36 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Madam Violet - Pervert Loser For Life (1280 x 720p 308.97 Mb)