Princess Miki - Let Love Guide You (1920 x 1080p 1.3 Gb)

Let Love Guide You

** This is a custom clip, no names used. Read customer review at the end. **This clip is designed to put your heart at ease in times of trouble, when you are dragged away from your true purpose by your own worldly desires.Life itself can make you feel heavy; the monotony of it clouds what it actually means to be alive. I am the light that eliminates those toxic thoughts that distract you. I am the light that heals you, that gives you strength. I eliminate the weight when you are with Me; the gravity of the world doesn’t exist when you are in My embrace.Before meeting Me, you resorted to your vices to distract you from the pain and monotony of every day life. Now, you hear My voice, you feel the warmth, and you are anchored to your true purpose again: submission.Your servitude to Me — and your acknowledgement of your true identity — anchors you to becoming a better version of yourself.You want to be better for Me. Not just a better submissive; a slave; a pet… but a better individual. You want to make Me proud, and that is now your drive.You do this because you love Me. Even when your servitude is dedicated to My happiness, My happiness directly translates to your own.You love Me, you need Me, and you are better because of Me.I remind you what it means to be alive.CUSTOMER REVIEW:“Absolutely Breathtaking. This is everything I could have hoped for and more. Just as I thought I couldn’t be any deeper under Princess Miki’s euphoric spell, She graces my senses with this masterpiece.From Her soothing voice, captivating words, to Her exquisite direction, beautiful effects, Princess Miki crafts a sublime, relaxing atmosphere that I was able to totally settle, surrender in, allowing my mind to become blissfully enchanted.A true testament to the heart, soul that Princess Miki puts in to Her work, this piece ascends to heavenly heights and has redefined what I previously perceived ‘Femdom POV’ to be. One does not simply “watch” this “clip”, they undergo an intense spiritual experience that cleanses one of their worries and leaves them happily yearning for nothing more than to humbly kneel before Her.”MP4 * 1.30 GB * 00:18:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Princess Miki - Let Love Guide You (1920 x 1080p 1.3 Gb)