Young Goddess Kim - Programming the slave (1920 x 1080p 651.09 Mb)

Programming the slave

Custom Clip Request: The video starts with the slave being called by you. He reaches the room where you are: you are amazing, claded in a wonderful and sensual latex dress. You ask him if he is ready for the next level of submission, but before he can answer you interrupt him and say “Of course you are”. Then he is put in some sort of predicament (a cage or on his knees, with handcuffs and a ball-gag) and, when he cannot move anymore, You put ear-phones and blindfold him… The screen turns black, some beeps are heard and Your sensual voice starts to state Your Commandments, the rules that every slave of Yours should follow. The rules are repeated many times, there is a sensation of inescapable alienation, where the slave slips into submission… Then the blindfold is removed… The first thing the slave slave sees is your feet/shoe and he passionately starts to kiss it while you laugh and caress his head, telling how a good slave he is and how his mind is now totally under your control.Custom Clip Feedback: It’s wonderful! You are amazing in the latex dress, the feeling of total submission starts at the very moment You appear in the scene. The timing of everything is perfect, and I was really impressed with the use of visuals during the programming. At the end of the trance I feel the urge to drop on my knees, dreaming about being allowed to kiss Your divine feet. I really thank You for this masterpiece, You are a true artist and Goddess. Includes: Female Domination, Submissive/slave Training, Mesmerize, Mind Control, Mental Domination, Femdom POV, Latex, Shoe Worship, Goddess WorshipMP4 * 651 MB * 00:17:01 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

Teen POV Femdom

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