Goddess Kyaa - Taunting chastity slaves (1920 x 1080p 351.58 Mb)

Taunting chastity slaves

When your sissy clitty fills your locked chastity cage as you watch this video I want it to ache as it uselessly attempts to get stiff. It should hurt as I tease you, and your balls should be swollen and blue. Are they? If not, they soon will be!Download this video and spend your night being taunted by my perfection. This video is just for you, my locked up minion in chastity. That cage on your dicklet is proof of your devotion, but just because you are not allowed to stroke or cum does not mean I am going to let you off easy! It's going to be very difficult for you, watching my golden high heels, silky legs and firm young ass, all while knowing that there are so many losers out there who are allowed to jerk off and cum with ease while you must suffer in denial. It's an exquisite torment to be my teased and denied chastity devotee!WMV * 352 MB * 00:05:54 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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