Young Goddess Kim - Breaking in the Office Bitch (1920 x 1080p 424.4 Mb)

Breaking in the Office Bitch

You had no idea why your boss wanted you in Her office immediately... "Sit", She commands you as you enter. So stern, you wonder what you have done wrong.. She wastes no time in telling you off and reprimanding your poor behavior in the office - flirting with the secretary, clients and colleagues is highly unacceptable. you are about to be fired on the spot and have 1 last chance to try and persuade Her to change Her mind. Suddenly you feel vulnerable and submissive, ready to do anything to convince Her. your quick change of attitude was expected, and your Boss already knows exactly what to do with you. Before you know it, you are on your knees begging and suggesting all the ways you will prove your humility and re-commitment... Kissing and licking Her stilettos under Her desk, feeling so inferior and needing to prove your worthiness. you are stripped, collared and chained in preparation for the boardroom meeting... your Boss informs you of your punishment in detail, you can tell She is wickedly enjoying the idea of your suffering and humiliation.. She snaps Her finger, pulls your leash and makes you crawl after Her, naked and afraid...MP4 * 424 MB * 00:10:14 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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