Latex Barbie - Sports Made You Gay (1280 x 720p 1.07 Gb)

Sports Made You Gay

Boom – I show up in a sports jersey, and just seeing it gives you a chubby. That’s because dudes like you go apeshit for sports. Its so pathetic… I’m wearing these jerseys and I don’t even know what they mean! Haha! I hate sports – yeah, you heard me. I couldn’t give a fuck about them. But isn’t it interesting, because men’s love for other sweaty, wrestling, sportsmen is so widespread, it almost seems like a thin veil for something else. Perhaps if you played sports when you were younger, you can recall being naked in the changeroom in front of all those other Alpha cock…perhaps thats where your perversions all began. Did you ever fantasize about team meetings that included being spit-roasted by the whole team? Stroke and drool for your cocksucking sports fantasy, loser!MP4 * 1.07 GB * 00:12:30 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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